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Throughout the symposium, three exhibits will be displayed around campus: Craft the Leather, In These Shoes – Bespoke Footwear in America, and RISD’s own student made shoe exhibit. The exhibits will be displayed in the Fleet Library at 15 Westminster Street, The 2nd floor of the Apparel Building at 189 Canal, and the storefront of the RISD Works museum store in the Chase Center.

Wed, 10.22.14

9:30-10:00     Welcome Breakfast and Registration/Check-in, Chace Center Lobby
10:00-10:30   Kathleen Grevers, Welcoming Remarks, Metcalf Auditorium
10:30-11:45   Nicoline Van Enter, Education and Innovation in Footwear: Culture, Design, Technology, Metcalf Auditorium
11:45-12:30   Diane Becker, Craft the Leather, On the Road, Metcalf Auditorium
12:30-1:30     Lunch, Rosie’s Food Truck, Courtyard next to Chace Center Lobby
1:30-2:30       Mike Tomkin, STAHL, Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain, Metcalf Auditorium
2:30-3:30       Bill Shanor, Feynman, Sagan and My Trip to Ace Hardware…The Myth of Creativity, Metcalf Auditorium
3:30-3:45       Coffee Break, Chace Center Lobby
3:45-4:45       Carmen Artigas, Fashion Anthropology Through Shoes, Metcalf Auditorium

Thu, 10.23.14

9:00-12:00    Jenna Goldberg and Daphne Board, How to Lay Out, Cut and Carve a Wooden Platform Shoe, ID Building, 3rd floor model shop
9:00-12:00    Stefano Parrini, Veg Tannery Master Artisan Workshop, 189 Canal Street, Room 210b
10:00-11:30  Mike Tomkin, Diane Becker, Nico Van Enter, Panel Discussion, 189 Canal Street, Room 210a
12:00-1:00    Lunch
1:00-1:45      Linn Cassetta, Melding Form, Function, and Fasion, 189 Canal Street, Room 210a
1:45-2:15      Jorge Gomez, Well Bred Co.: Creating an American Brand, 189 Canal Street, Room 210a
2:15-2:45      Sharon Raymond, The Simplest Shoemaking Techniques, 189 Canal Street, Room 210a
2:45-3:00      Coffee Break, 189 Canal Street, 2nd Floor
3:00-3:30      Alicia Reina, A Common Thread: Apparel and Footwear Practices, 189 Canal Street, Room 210a
3:30-4:00      Peggy Sue Smiltnieks, Create a Product That Tells an American Story, 189 Canal Street
4:00-4:30      Meet and Greet with Peggy Sue Smiltnieks, Sharon Raymond, and Jorge Gomez, 189 Canal Street, 2nd Floor

Fri, 10.24.14

10:15-12:15  Massimo Boldrini, Stefano Parrini, Diane Becker, The Tanner’s Story of a Heritage Product of Local Excellence, Metcalf Auditorium
12:15-1:15   Lunch, Rosie’s Food Truck, Courtyard next to Chace Center Lobby
1:15-2:15      Carmen Artigas, The Footprint of Footwear, Metcalf Auditorium
2:00-5:00      H.C.C. Program Registration, 189 Canal Street, 1st Floor

Sat, 10.25.14 (The Honorable Cordwainers Company Program)

8:00-9:30      Breakfast, Chace Center Lobby
8:00-9:00      H.C.C. Annual Meeting (Members Only), Metcalf Auditorium
9:00-9:45      Edward Maeder, The Private Life of Shoes, Metcalf Auditorium
9:45-10:30    Lisa Sorrell, The Evolution of Design: Leather Inlay and Overlay, Metcalf Auditorium
10:30-10:45  Break
10:45-11:30  June Swann, Shoemaking Through the Ages, read by D.A. Saguto, Metcalf Auditorium
11:30-12:15  Marcell Mrsan, The Renaissance of Handmade – Exploring the future scenarios of our craft, our advantages vs. the factory work, what is our role in this age to preserve the craft, Metcalf Auditorium
12:15-1:30    Lunch, Rosie’s Food Truck, Courtyard next to Chace Center Lobby
1:30-2:15      Daphne Board, Sculpting Platform Soles: Aesthetics and Biomechanics, Metcalf Auditorium
2:15-3:00      Val Povinelli, Jack-boots Once the Property of Thomas Lord Fairfax – Research into and Recreation of his Boots, Metcalf Auditorium
3:00-3:15      Coffee Break, Chace Center Lobby
3:15-4:00      Shaun A. Pekar, Walking Through Time, The continued development of a shoemaking program at Fort Ticonderoga, Metcalf Auditorium
4:00-4:30      Diane Becker, Craft the Leather, The Tuscan Veg-Tanned Leather Training Experience, Metcalf Auditorium
4:30-5:30      Massimo Boldrini, Vegetable-tanning in Tuscany: the Tradition & the Standards Behind the Consorzio Trademark, Metcalf Auditorium

Sun, 10.26.14 (The Honorable Cordwainers Company Program)

8:00-9:00      Breakfast, The Portfolio Cafe at 15 Westminster St. will be open for breakfast
9:00-9:45       Anne Marika Verploegh Chasse, Inspiration/Collaboration, Metcalf Auditorium
10:00-11:00   Kate Irvin, Tour and Discussion of the RISD Museum of Art Shoe Collection
11:15-12:00    Rick Roman, Some Practical Chemistry for Shoemakers, Metcalf Auditorium
12:00-1:00     Lunch, Rosie’s Food Truck, Courtyard next to Chace Center Lobby
1:00-4:00       Diane Becker, Barbara Mannucci, and Stefano Parrini from the Genuine Italian Vegetable-tanned Leather Consortium, Tuscan Veg-tanned Leather: Hands-On Workshop with Master Craftsman,  189 Canal Street, 210a
4:00-4:30       Coffee Break, 189 Canal Street, 2nd Floor
4:30-5:30       RISD Nature Lab Tour